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(A) Drawing of the head- restraining bar. Shaded area indicates the rim of the port. (B) Practical implementation of the head-restraining bar The restraining apparatus comprises a plurality of partitioning boards to partition the restraining space, such that the animal is restrained in the restraining space to prevent interference and infection from other animal, a supporting structure to carry the experiment animal, a rack for food and water, a signal receiver base, and a tail-fixing component fitted below or above the supporting Animal restraining apparatus includes a cage portion, a door portion, a door locking portion, a movable restraint portion and a restraint actuating portion. The cage portion includes a top section, a bottom section, a sidewall section and an end section with barrier sections covering the respective sections. Head restraining is an experimental technique that firmly secures the animal's head to a fixation apparatus for the precise control and sensing of behaviors. However, procedural and surgical difficulties and limitations have been obstructing the use of the technique in neurophysiological and behavioral experiments.

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Each restraining apparatus comprises two securement devices 18 that are coupled together The apparatus of the preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a generally arcuate cradle, a pair of opposed, generally flexible restraining plates pivotably mounted within the cradle for conforming to and positively restraining the patient's head, and adjustable means on the cradle for moving the restraining plates toward one another to a position wherein they will gently, yet without any restraining apparatus. 7 Immersion suit is a protective suit which reduces the body heat loss of a person wearing it in cold water. In Danish ships, immersion suits shall be of a type with built-in insulation and buoyancy. 8 Inflatable appliance is an appliance which depends upon non-rigid, gas-filled chambers for buoyancy and which is Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Small Shark Restraining Apparatus" by B. C. Jones et al. OSTI.GOV Patent: Apparatus for restraining and transporting dies.

-Capt. Risko to Ado:  Krav, provningsprocedur och Rrequirements, Test Procedure and Apparatus for approval of restraining devices for child occupants of power-driven vehicles. the newly emerged political power will restrain from short-sighted equipment (mostly electrical appliances), which take up about 20% of  in Australia will likely be one of the factors restraining fundamental changes.

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The gates are pneumatically operated and lockable at any position Restraining apparatus for coupling together two or more users such as children while walking as a group. The apparatus comprises a spine member with lateral attachment arms for coupling the users to the spine member.

Restraining apparatus

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Restraining apparatus

patents-wipo. Passenger restraining apparatus for vehicle. patents-wipo. Restraining apparatus for coupling together two or more users such as children while walking as a group. Restraining apparatus comprising a flexible tether connecting a collar to a harness with a portion of the tether between the collar and the harness available to be held for restraining an animal wearing the collar and the harness, a first assembly including a first engagement element carried by the collar and a detachably engagable first complemental engagement element carried by the tether The restraining apparatus can be used on the crest of a roof or on other surfaces.

Restraining apparatus

. 8. Product Fire Fighting Equipment: Wear full protective clothing and breathing apparatus. 6. IMPROVED HANDCUFF RESTRAINING APPARATUS.
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7 Immersion suit is a protective suit which reduces the body heat loss of a person wearing it in cold water. In Danish ships, immersion suits shall be of a type with built-in insulation and buoyancy.

The forced  Request PDF | On Jun 18, 2007, Joseph M Stookey and others published Low-stress restraint, handling and weaning of cattle | Find, read and cite all the  occupant restraint systems designed with advanced air bag features including those specified in the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. tmClass. Accessories for use with handheld digital audio and/or video capture devices Traps means both killing and restraining mechanical capturing devices,  arrangement, device, appliance (arrangement; equipment).
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In particular, avoid directly restraining the animal's legs whenever possible as this universally   Castration Instruments · Dehorners · Ear Marking & Taging · Equine Dental Instruments · Farrier Tools · Grooming Equipments · Hoof & Claw Instruments. Finally, on January 15, 1920 the USBM certified the first respirator, the Gibbs breathing apparatus. (Spelce et al., “History,” 2018; Cohen and Birkner, 2012). The  Apparatuses performs inclusions and exclusions: "Intra-actions include the larger material arrangement (i.e., set of material practices) that effects an agential cut  Laboratory animals are inevitably subjected to human contact throughout their lives, during both husbandry and experiments.

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Rookie fire fighter Ian is pushed to his limit on a tough breathing apparatus training exercise. And new paramedic Sam's first day proves to be a real challenge,  place systems and individuals into the category of driving or restraining forces. The simple conceptual apparatus we have used to define leadership  av M Vesisenaho · 2018 — seat; Am. child restraint. - infant carrier driving. - when driving violation of driving time be-in-tow apparatus / machine/ vehicle restraining order; restraint;. room in the UV and hardening apparatus, the polyeten film could be strapped up to restrain the pathological changes mentioned previously to maintain normal  English to Swedish translation results for 'stop' designed for tablets and mobile devices. stop, to (hold backrestrainpreventdissuadeobstructdiscourage).